Enjoying traditional cooking means eating foods that are normally cooked at home on a daily basis and dishes that, thanks to the more elaborate preparation, are only prepared on special occasions. These dishes varied from family to family and some of them, as is only right, have evolved as families united and the years passed.

The cuisine that we intend to offer you is traditional for our family. As an introduction, we will be pleased to offer you, according to your wishes and the hour, an aperitif, tea or high tea on your arrival.

At any time during your stay, just let us know if you are hungry or thirsty between meals. Our pantry and our wine cellar are open to you: a sample of salami or cheese, a cup of tea, a cold drink, a glass of wine, a snack of crudités from our kitchen garden can all be enjoyed wherever you like.

According to the season, breakfasts and dinners will be served in the shade of a tree or in the sunshine on the edge of the swimming pool, or in the house, before the fire.