Casa Isabella

Our house is an old restored farmstead, build on the crest of a hill surrounded by vineyards and forests. It is located in Piedmont, in the Monferrato and Langhe area, UNESCO World Heritage site since 2014. The territory is characterized by breathtaking landscapes, cultural attractions, world-famous wines and unmatchable cooking traditions. For these reasons, and for our wish to share these emotions, it seemed natural to us to open our home to our guests. Casa Isabella is dedicated to Isabella Barattieri of San Pietro.


  •  +39 0141 732201
  •  Via La Pietra 5, 14049 Vaglio Serra (AT)






If you have an enquiry or would like to find out more about Casa Isabella, then contact us at:
Casa Isabella
Via La Pietra 5, 14049 Vaglio Serra (AT)
+39 0141 732201